It’s been a couple weeks, huh? I’ve been busy with work and most recently, summer classes. I’m currently taking a beginners darkroom course. I didn’t exactly realize how basic the course is, however, and I could tell it’s going to be a pretty tedious class. The Prof and TA are very chill, though so  I don’t think it’ll be too bad. I’m having a hard time talking to anyone else in the class, though. Everyone seems to be some fucking hipster who thinks it’ll be cool to shoot film or just taking the class to graduate. Besides myself, I think only 1 or 2 other people came to learn. Here’s a quote from John Sypal (owner of Tokyo Camera Style) that I found pretty interesting:

“Not every picture is a “Great Shot!” but that’s part of the point. I’m exhibiting several hundred one-of-a-kind instant prints mostly out of personal interest but partly as a reaction/challenge to those who preach a kind of photography that’s limited to the pursuit of “AMAZING IMAGES”, or something like that.  “Take your photography to the NEXT LEVEL” ?  Really, there’s only one level—and that’s the base from where you stand with a camera and make your pictures.  That’s it.  The rest is just marketing and the internet is full of it from the photo-imaging industry to Internet Photo Personalities pushing their synergy/brand to sell spots on expensive photowalk-shops.  Putting in work is the only way to figure things out. You have to do it yourself, for yourself.

All that really matters is your own enjoyment and insight into what you find worthy of recording with your camera.  Why exhibit? Hopefully seeing the work of others openly broadens your own understanding of life and art.

At the same time there’s a popular expectation that behind every artistic expression there lies some romantic view about of the agony of creation or the preciousness of the artist’s soul-vision made form. Apparently this is supposed to help make an encounter with said expressions somehow more serious or worthy of contemplation. But seriously, clouding up the vibe with pretentious dumb junk isn’t worth it.

How’s this for an ARTIST STATEMENT:  I took these photos; I want to show you these photos.

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