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Fuck I’ve been slipping for the past 2 months. Instead of saying how busy I’ve been, I’ll spare everyone the excuses. I will say that I’m trying to keep shooting, though! Trying to be optimistic! Here’s a short series of photos I call…

A Forgotten Summer:

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So my mom was released from the hospital today. Thanks for everyone who gave support.. I really appreciate it.

I spent the day at school, then grabbing food and shooting with the bro Sean and then drove my mom home.

I did a midterm presentation with my group for a photography class, too. It wasn’t bad in my opinion (we definitely just winged it), but there was this one chick who was trying to be super critical with her comments.. Some of them were valid, but others were her trying to sound smart. It’s like, your group presentation was a slideshow of horribly processed photos (think selective color and a bunch of photoshop composites that were totally irrelevant to their presentation) with a horribly done audio so how the fuck are you gonna try and sound so high and mighty? Ugh.


So I got my first roll of film that I shot in my Holga developed yesterday.. I shot it awhile back when I met up with Rolo and Arthur. I like the camera a lot. It’s so simple and lightweight that I just pick it up and start shooting. I definitely need to load it up with film and shoot it more often.

I got it developed at Walgreens and I have to say, it looks like shit. I took it straight home and it went from the film holders to the scanner so I know it wasn’t anything I did wrong. There were so many hairs and fibers on my negs it looks like the workers at Walgreens threw them on the floor after they dev’d it. I had just wiped down my scanner, too so I know most of the little things I see on there aren’t from me. This is the second time this has happened from going to Walgreens.. I think it’s just this one in particular because I’ve been to two other ones in the Richmond district and the results from there are perfectly fine. I tried doing a little spot removal here and there but I gave up as there were SO many little particles.

So moral of the story.. If you have film that you need developed, don’t go to 22nd/Potrero Walgreens to have it done haha.

Field Trip.

Hello everyone! So today I went with my RPT class to the Ropes Course in Fort Miley. It was pretty chill being up in trees, but I didn’t really participate in too many things because I’m scared of heights haha. Well I’m comfortable climbing up a tall ladder or being in an airplane or in a tall building, but being up in the trees on the ropes is a totally different experience haha.

I brought my D5000 and 35 prime but since we had left our bags in another spot, I didn’t have a chance to really take any pics till the end of the activity. It was a really productive day though! I encourage everyone to go try it!


Yo everyone! So I’ve been shooting a good amount of film lately, but since my Developer went bad I have no way of processing them at the moment. I’ll most likely shoot a few more rolls and send a shit ton of film to a lab to be developed and I’ll just scan it myself.

I’ve been spending most of my break relaxing. I’ve been chilling with people here and there, but I mostly just want time to myself. I guess at heart I’m a loner. I never really liked hanging out with a lot of people unless I was really close to all of them and somehow being with large groups makes me feel weird. More than anything, I think I just want to have a quiet life with a small group of close friends ya know?

Anyways, here’s some random snapshots I took with the Nikon. I really want a super wide angle to have with this camera.. Probably going to get a 10-20 or something similar. I know my posts have been dry as hell lately, but thanks to everyone that stops by!