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I’ve been feeling pretty sick today. I think I caught a cold or something. I couldn’t even make it to class today. I felt a little better after taking a short walk, but my neck is killing me from sleeping on it wrong. On another note, I’m extremely broke. I think I have $2 in my savings and I’ve had to resort to using my credit card again. I can’t wait to graduate so I can get a job that pays well.


This semester is almost over. 3 papers, 2 exams, 1 photography project and I’m home free until summer courses start.

Canon 5D / 50 1.8


Wow it’s been a little while since I posted. I’ve been shooting, but I haven’t gotten around to developing the 10 or so rolls that I went through in the past couple weeks.

Yesterday, I went shooting with Rolo, Mindy, and Sean. We all haven’t gotten together in awhile so it was nice to be out. I also hit up Treasure Island for the first time to do shooting. Afterwards, Rolo and Mindy dipped out so Sean and I went to Uncle Boy’s for a snack and then lurked around the Richmond for a bit.


My good friend Carmina has been telling me that she didn’t have any nice pictures of herself so since we were both free, we decided to do an impromptu shoot. I had to head to work so I couldn’t hit up a lot of locations that I had in mind, but I still managed to squeeze out (what I think are) a few good shots. I haven’t done like portrait type stuff in awhile so it was fun doing it again after so long. My editing is a little choppy from not using CS5 for so long but meh haha.

Canon 5D / 50mm f/1.8.


Today Jonathan, Aidan, and I went to shoot Color Run SF. It was insane. There was so many people and so many things going on that I was just shooting the whole time. We walked most of the course and then went back to the car to grab some food. I put my 5D under some straight up stress earlier. I didn’t saran wrap or bag it in anyway to protect it, but after some rudimentary tests, I can safely say that no dust got into it (or not enough dust to do any damage). Overall it went better than I expected.


Today I got up a little late so I ran a few miles around the neighborhood and went out to shoot. Sean met me up after his classes and we just went and walked around a little. I gave him some film to develop, too since the lab by his house in Salinas is fairly cheap compared to the places around SF.

On the way back home, I looked up and the sky was a fiery red.. About as red as the flannel shirt I was wearing. I haven’t seen it like that in awhile so I went looking for a spot to get a good shot of it. After about 10 mins of failing to find a spot, I looked up and the red sky was gone.. Replaced by the ugly gray that seemed to cover everything around me. Disappointed, I started to walk home. One the way I saw a familiar face that I haven’t seen in awhile. Like a little kid, my tongue got tied and my palms started to sweat. As we exchanged greetings and departed, I noticed that she ironically had a gray hoodie on. I guess even an ugly gray world has beauty in it.


Today I got up, ran a couple miles, and went to go sell my GF2 since I don’t really use it. Thanks to Sean for finding me a buyer so quickly. Afterwards I just did some shooting and called it a day.

I’ve actually been out shooting quite a bit this week, but haven’t gotten around to processing the rolls yet.. mostly snapshots to test out the XA2 I picked up. I also picked up another Olympus Trip 35 for $30 since I don’t want to use the one I have. The one I first obtained was from my Grandfather after he passed away so it has some sentimental value. I would hate to break it.