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Here was the final edit for my short photo book project: Re:Birth (in my book, I had song lyrics that I would play when I was helping my grandmother eat, clean, etc etc but I chose not to put them all here as it would be a fucking mess). I got an A on this assignment, by the way. I hope that you guys can see what I was going for with the sequencing and whatnot. Anyways, it is based on the cycle of Life and Death. It starts with death and then shows a transition of the soul going to the afterlife (via train) and then eventually being reborn again. I guess I’m kind of fascinated by death. Not saying that I want to die, but I’m just fascinated by the concept of closing your eyes and not waking up. I mean, it’s kind of something I think we take for granted, but what if we didn’t wake up? Would we know? Would we be reborn? What would happen? I’m personally not religious in any way, shape, or form, but since I haven’t died, I can’t pass judgement on anyone’s opinions of what happens after death.. I mean how the fuck would I prove them wrong? I don’t think of death as a bad thing at all, by the way. Instead of being opposites, I look at it as a natural part of life. Not to say that it’s something to be celebrated, but ugh you know what I mean. Which reminds me, I remember watching some movie when I was 10 or so and being scared shitless at the concept of dying… Enough that I couldn’t eat my ice cream. But now my fear has turned into more of a curiosity because the one thing we know the least about the one thing we are certain of. After all, the only guarantee in life is death. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


A Beautiful Death.

So today I got a call early this morning and was told that my grandmother had been brought to the ER. About 6 hours later, she passed on. Of course, I’m sad that she isn’t here anymore, but I’m glad that she is finally able to rest in peace.

I took some photos today. Some people might find it odd that I would take photos of someone dying let alone put them up on a blog, but that’s kind of my way of dealing with things I guess.

Life and Death aren’t two opposites; rather they are apart of each other. Death is perhaps the most honest and natural part of our lives.. It’s a tragic thing, but even within that tragedy lies a beauty of sorts. Liberation, peace, rest, freedom. That is the beauty in death. Today was A Beautiful Death.