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Met up with Rolo, Jullian, Rena, Eric, and Randy to do some quick shooting. We hit up a couple and spots and called it a night. I mainly used my OM-1n, but I did manage to get a couple shots on my GF2 to put up on here before the year ends. Thanks for driving Rolo!

GF2 / 14 2.5


Giants Parade.

Today I met up Sean and Jonathan downtown to check out the Giants Parade. I didn’t get to go to the one in 2010 so I was pretty excited. I had a game plan on what I was planning to shoot, but once I got down there it became pretty obvious that I would need to change plans because of how crowded it was. I did not expect it to be that packed full of people. I was literally sandwiched shoulder to shoulder with people just trying to go up and down the block. All the people made it extremely hard to frame without getting cluttered backgrounds and I couldn’t be flexible at all. So I decided to just use the GF2 and get some digital snapshots of the people since there was no way in hell I would be able to see the parade.

Afterwards, Jonathan and I walked around the Embarcadero for a couple hours and just chilled for a bit. After my mom took me out for a late birthday dinner. Thanks for treating me dinner Mom 🙂

Here’s some snapshots of my day.


So I thought I would update the blog today. Life has been hectic, but I’m still shooting! Today I went with Sean to do our usual Wednesday thing. Headed over to Jtown and had some food and took some pictures. Then we headed over to some hill and took a couple shots of the city. The Giants are dominating too so it’s been a good day.

Tomorrow and Friday I have midterms though.. Both of which I haven’t started studying for really. Hopefully I do okay….

My birthday is next Tuesday. I need Ilford HP5. I think you guys know what to do now 🙂

Here’s a couple shots and yes it’s digital for a change. *cue gasps*

GF2 / 14 2.5