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So after an odd series of events that I can’t quite explain, I’m now going to be a server instead of a cook at my job. I think my boss basically hired someone else to do my job and I was placed in a server position instead. Looking back, I do vaguely remember him saying that he may do that at some point, but my Japanese isn’t 100% so I think I didn’t understand it at that time. Fuck I’m so awkward in front of people. Hopefully I don’t blow it.

This coming semester I’m taking 16 units (not the 18 that I originally thought). Tea Ceremony and Tea Culture, Modern Japanese Lit, Reading and Analysis of Cultural Texts (for GWAR), Japanese American Art and Lit (for Segment 3), and Geology Lecture/Lab. I basically have class everyday so any SFSU people hit me up and we can chill. I’m starting to scan the backlog of snapshots I have. Here’s one roll down.


Hello 2013.

Well guys we made it to 2013! Take that you fucking Mayans and your crafty fucking calendars! No, I’m just kidding haha but anyways I’m super grateful for all the things I’ve been able to do and for all the friends who have been super cool with me even though I can be super lame 99% of the time. I’m trying to be more outgoing this time around!

Anyways, here’s some film that I shot with Sean at the beach and a couple frames from around Golden Gate Park. Sean was kind enough to drop off a bunch of film to a lab near his place so I have some stuff to post now!

I posted some shots from the same day before on the blog but it was shots taken on my iPhone. I ran out of film fairly quickly so the previous shots are a little better imo, but I thought I would share these anyways

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Yashica T4 / Walgreens 400