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I’ve been feeling pretty sick today. I think I caught a cold or something. I couldn’t even make it to class today. I felt a little better after taking a short walk, but my neck is killing me from sleeping on it wrong. On another note, I’m extremely broke. I think I have $2 in my savings and I’ve had to resort to using my credit card again. I can’t wait to graduate so I can get a job that pays well.



It’s been really hard keeping up with the blog recently haha. I’ve been shooting, but it’s mostly dull assignments for class. Not fun at all. On the other hand, I have about 20+ rolls of film that I’ve accumulated over the past month that need to be scanned. I’ll get things together soon.

I’ve been looking more at Rinko Kawauchi’s work (my professor shows quite a lot of her work in class) and that led me to also check out the likes of Keiko Nomura, Yuuki Touyama, Emi Fukuyama, etc. I think I want to make different kinds of photos for a bit. More on that later.


“I want you to remember me. If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.”


Me and the dude Sean went to a photo fair the other day where I bought a red, Leica shutter button for my M5. While it probably won’t make me a better photographer, it sure looks pretty fucking good.

check it out

I went to Green Apple today after blowing through a couple rolls and saw “I, Tokyo” by Jacob Aue Sobol in the used section. I almost wet myself. It’s long out of print and fetches upwards of $200 used. I quickly tried to buy it, but Green Apple isn’t as dumb as I thought. It turns out that they had put it there accidentally and it actually belongs in the valuable book cabinet with a $150 price tag. Fuck me.


Wow already halfway though June. My summer classes start in a month. Can’t wait for that unlimited use of SF State’s darkroom!


逢いたいのに -いつも- うまくいかない


Today I had my first final. It wasn’t exactly hard, but it required a lot of writing, which is always super tedious. Afterwards, I did some shooting with Sean and then had some shabu shabu to celebrate his graduation. Congrats bro!

I finally got around to scanning this roll I shot awhile back. This was the same day we went to the Winogrand exhibition at MoMA.