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So today I met up with my man Taichi Kanemoto. I met him, oddly enough, through Facebook. I saw his profile from my friend and decided that I wanted to shoot him. I contacted him and we finally set up a time to shoot today. I drove over to his place, picked out some clothes, and went to the park to shoot. It was a pretty fast shoot (good for me because I’m sick and feel like ass now). So after, we went and got some food and I took him home. I feel like total sh*t right now so I’m just going to rest some more.

Other news: Winter Break has started! Finals were kind of bleh, but I’m just glad it’s all over 😀 .


Hello everyone! Last weekend I did a shoot with Bethany, who I met through Model Mayhem. It started off really stressful because I forgot my phone and I was worried that they wouldn’t find me, but luckily my mom called them and really helped me out. After that scare came the kicker: My camera battery died. So I did the whole shoot on film. I shot 2 rolls of Kodak Ultramax 400 and 1 roll of Kodak Tri-X 400. The shoot went great, though, and I’m overall pretty happy with the results although I wish I had paid closer attention to my focusing as some of the shots were out of focus and unusable. Thank you Bethany for being my model and for being patient with the shots!

I love shooting film (like I’ve said a billion times). If I were to shoot professionally, I would most definitely shoot film only. The results truly are so different than digital and I’ve only seen less than a handful of people who can really photoshop their shots to look like film. Something about not being able to spray off 400 shots in one shoot is so humbling.

Off topic, but the school semester is winding down and all that is left is finals. Study Study Study time.