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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Be thankful for what you have, not bitter about what you don’t. Don’t take things for granted. Change is the only constant in life.








I got around to scanning a some shots I took with the Holga. I noticed that a lot of my shots were underexposed except the ones I took with flash. I might have to just use flash when I shoot with this from now on.

The Light.

Today I had Oceanography like usual. I ended up getting a C on my 2nd midterm, but because A LOT of people in my class failed, there is a make up opportunity to let us earn up to 15% more on our tests. Feeling good 🙂

After that, I bussed it to Sean’s place so we could do some shooting. We ended up swinging by the beach for a change of pace to shoot the Sunset. Yes, it’s not random snapshots of strangers for a change haha. The light was friggin awesome. We couldn’t have gotten there at a better time. I shot a whole roll of cheap 400 film in my T4. I mostly wanted to play with the shadows and the reflections of color on the wet sand. I think the shots came out great although I have no clue when I will have them developed. Expect them sometime next year? 🙂

After that, we headed to get some burgers to take back to Sean’s place. I forgot the name of the place we went to, but the shit was bomb. The burger filled me up pretty good which is rare. I normally need to eat fries and some other stuff to feel real full. We watched Battle Royale while eating. For all my non Japanese friends out there, it’s Hunger Games on crack. Check it out or even read the manga if you have the chance since it’s even more gruesome. :3

Now I’m back at home. Gotta study for Kanji 😦

Here’s some iPhone snaps from the beach. The camera on the 4/4S/5 is amazing. I mean, I have the older 4 and look at the images it outputs with only minor editing (only exposure and color correction). Of course the dynamic range is totally lacking when compared to ANY modern DSLR, but hey it’s excellent for a cell phone camera. The best part is, you can do the exact same edits as I have here on your iPhone on the go. It just looks great in my opinion. “The best camera is the one that’s with you.”

iPhone 4/Camera Pro


It’s been awhile. I’ve been shooting color film so until I send all of it in for processing I won’t/can’t post any of it.

School and work has been taking up most of my time. It’s hard to go out and be productive when you have a bunch of shit weighing down on your mind ya know? Anyways, here’s some digital snapshots. Nothing fancy as usual.. Just a visual diary of today.