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So yesterday I met up with Daniel an his sister, Jessica at Haight/Ashbury. Jessica wanted to do some shopping so me and Daniel decided to just shoot. I put a roll of Ektar through my Pentax 645 and took some shots on the Holga so overall pretty nice outing. The weather was great today, too so that always helps :). It was also Jessica’s birthday so Happy Birthday Jessica!

Today I just got a haircut and went out to get lunch.. That’s about it. I have work at 5:30 though. Bummer. I also have a couple papers due this week that I haven’t even started on. This semester was kind of a pain in the ass, but it’s almost over so whatever haha.

Here’s some snapshots from the X100.


So after going through expenses for this month, it turns out i have about $30 to spend until I get paid next since I’m trying to pay off the majority of my credit card bill (that’s not including the money i owe my dad.. fml). So that means I can’t buy/develop any film unless I do it myself haha.. It just so happens I only have like half a cup of develop left and the stuff I do have left is expiring. Anyone want to donate some money to me 🙂 ?

Anyways, I did decide on the name for my project I’ve been working on. No, I’m not going to let this flop like all the others because I already took most of the photos.. They’re just waiting to be developed haha. Hopefully I’ll have it done in the next few months or so.. Who knows.

Here’s some digital.

I went and used some more of the developer I had to process some film.. Looks like it’s not expired yet 🙂


So I got my first roll of film that I shot in my Holga developed yesterday.. I shot it awhile back when I met up with Rolo and Arthur. I like the camera a lot. It’s so simple and lightweight that I just pick it up and start shooting. I definitely need to load it up with film and shoot it more often.

I got it developed at Walgreens and I have to say, it looks like shit. I took it straight home and it went from the film holders to the scanner so I know it wasn’t anything I did wrong. There were so many hairs and fibers on my negs it looks like the workers at Walgreens threw them on the floor after they dev’d it. I had just wiped down my scanner, too so I know most of the little things I see on there aren’t from me. This is the second time this has happened from going to Walgreens.. I think it’s just this one in particular because I’ve been to two other ones in the Richmond district and the results from there are perfectly fine. I tried doing a little spot removal here and there but I gave up as there were SO many little particles.

So moral of the story.. If you have film that you need developed, don’t go to 22nd/Potrero Walgreens to have it done haha.


So today I went to go take care of a few errands. Bought groceries, got a roll of film developed (remind me to never go back to Walgreens for development.. They manage to screw up every time), and then work. I’ll have some film up tomorrow.

Anyways, even if it’s just doing everyday things, bring the camera with you! Thanks for visiting guys!

Cherry Blossom.

So today I met up with my friend Aidan around 10am today to shoot around the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was so fucking hot. I was with him for around 6 hours and then I hitched a ride back home with my mom who had come down to chill with a friend of hers. In total I shot 3 rolls of 120 film. Once I shoot up the rest of the film in my bag I’ll send it off to the lab. Hopefully I got some good shots since I’m trying to start a project with the color film I’ve been shooting.

Oh yeah.. I also changed the blog layout if you haven’t noticed already 🙂 Hopefully it looks better!

Here’s some snapshots from the day taken with my X100.

Slow Down.

So this morning I met up with Sean to do some quick shooting. He was under some time constraints so we were done within an hour, but it was enough time for me to shoot a roll of Tri-X in my Pentax 645 and pick up a Canon film SLR for $20. I’ve got about 10 rolls of 120 film shot so far. I think, depending on how much film I go through, I’ll send my film to be processed either once or twice a month. It’s actually kind of cool not worrying about having to scan or edit images all the time (except a few tweaks for my digital shots, but that only takes a few seconds per shot).. I think when you “have to” do something it takes away some fun aspects of the activity. For example, I would like to update my blog daily, but I know that if I try to, it will end up feeling like a chore and I’ll end up putting really boring everyday snapshots up (the shots I already put up are boring enough).

I think this world we are living in right now is so focused on how fast and conveniently we can accomplish things that we end up losing a part of us along the way.. That sounded a lot more cornier than I intended, but my opinion remains the same. Think about it. You know I’m right.

Anyways, here’s some snaps today from the Fuji X100. This is such a great camera I’m probably going to take it everywhere with me. Till next time!