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Hello everyone! So today I had my Sociology exam and my Japanese presentation. Just gotta study for a couple things on Thursday and I’m good to go.

The below images were shot with a Ricoh GX200. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this little compact. I can imagine how Ricoh’s new GRD4 will perform.


Hey everyone! So this week I have 2 quizzes, 2 exams, and 1 presentation to do so I’m just a little stressed. Gonna keep my posts short.

Rest of the Portra 400 I had loaded in my Olympus Infinity Stylus. Going to do some digital for a couple weeks before I return to film (I think).


Hello everyone. So today I just went to work as usual. End of day.

So as the title implies, I’m going to talk about my favorite camera. It’s not any of my SLR’s or rangefinder cameras, though. It’s my p&s 35mm camera, the Olympus Infinity Stylus. What I like about it is that it’s full frame 35mm format (equivalent to the sensor size of the Canon 5D mkII or the Nikon D700), has a sharp, 35mm fixed focal length, and is really, really compact. It’s just a p&s camera, but it makes shooting fun. Think less about settings and more about actually capturing a moment in time.

Here’s some of the latest shots I’ve done with the camera from the outing I had with Sean.

Olympus Infinity Stylus loaded with Portra 400.


Hey everyone! So the other day I went around campus with Phuey to take some candid pics of people as part of an assignment for his Communications class. I’m not in the class, however, I thought it would be fun to shoot people, too.

Used a Canon Elan ii w/ 50 1.8 for all the candids. Pretty fun taking random shots of people.

Still Hot.

Yo everyone! So today was hot again. It’s not unbearably hot or anything, but it’s not the cool SF weather that I’m used to so once again, after class, I just went home and took a nap. I did, however, get some shots in at Van Ness Station and General Hospital so I’m kind of excited to see how those turned out..

I’m going to be pretty busy the next couple weeks as I have tests and a skit coming up so I’m going to keep photo related stuff to a minimum. Feels bad man.

Here’s the last of the shots from my outing with Sean. I forgot to mention that he let me borrow his 17-40L for most of my roll in the Elan II. It was a joy having such a wide lens to use. Normally, I shoot primes in the 35-85 range on crop sensor ┬áso having 17mm on 135 format was pretty sick. Thanks again, bro.

Nikkormat FTN w/ 50 1.4 & Canon Elan II w/ 17-40L.


Hello everyone! So today was hot out. Like really hot. All I did was show up for class and go home to help move around furniture. I can’t handle high temperatures very well.

By the way, for all you guys who don’t know, I made a Zenfolio mainly as a small gallery/slideshow. check it out here.. Most shots are from older blog posts, but many are from before I made this blog.

More film. Still Nikkormat FTN w/ 50 1.4, but converted to black&white in LightRoom3.


Hey everyone! It’s been like a week or so since I last made a post, but that’s because I’m using all film cameras now so I can only update when I get film developed! Let’s see… Life has been up and down. I succeed one day, fail the next. Make money one day, lose it the next. Lose a friend one day, make a new friend the next. So it’s been a little rough, but yeah.

Today, I met up with my boy Sean (

I always saw his work on flickr and ISS, but I had yet to meet him in person. So we scheduled today to go out and shoot. We started by walking throughout Golden Gate Park, then went to Safeway for food, then to the park again for a quick strobe sesh, to Japantown to check out some things, then to Salvation Army. There were a lot of nice camera stuff there. All film, of course, but it was nice to see some gems. Sean picked up a $5 panoramic camera that takes some great ass pics. Rounded out the day by heading to the Legion of Honor and China Beach. We got our film developed at Walgreens and everything was good to go. Thanks for chillin and driving me around today, Sean!

Today I used the Canon Elan II and the Nikkormat FTN and the Olympus Stylus. I finished 2 rolls of film and got quite a few keepers.


Hey everyone! So recently I’ve just been doing school stuff. Haven’t had much time to get out and shoot recently, but I’ll get on it soon enough.

Here’s a couple photographers I’ve been checking out lately:

Their work speaks for itself.

I posted some shots from last month.


Hello everyone! So today, my friend Krystle was kind enough to be my model today! I’ve done a shoot with her before and it was fun so I decided I would ask her again. We went to Golden Gate Park and luckily it was pretty sunny most of the time. I had a whole theme I wanted to do for the shoot, but unfortunately I didn’t write down a lot of ideas I had and ended up forgetting them. Even without that though, I thought things went really well. My next purchase will definitely be either a reflector or a flash w/ diffuser. Thanks again for today, Krystle!


Hello everybody! So today is another day of work! I only work 4 hours today so it’s nothing bad. I always have fun with my co workers, too! I’m glad that this is a job I actually enjoy doing (part time that is). Besides that, nothing new is happening. It’s Labor Day weekend, though so I get to have a day off from classes on Monday. I’ll probably be shooting as usual.

Here’s a few randoms from the past few days. Yes, more B&W :).