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I developed two more rolls. Unfortunately, I didn’t put what ISO I shot at on the rolls so I had to guess on development. It turns out I exposed at 800 but developed for something like 640 haha. Shots came out useable I guess. Excuse the dust.. I need to find an area to keep my negs to dry away from my dogs and stuff.


Today I went and grabbed breakfast with a friend and then we went to a gallery for our Asian American Photography Exploration class. The work displayed was mainly about Resistance in Iran and something about the government killing a lot of people. To be honest, I wasn’t paying too much attention haha. While downtown, I finished up a quick photo assignment for the class and went back to school for the rest of my classes.

Thought of the day: If you don’t know what stops of light are in relation to photography then you don’t deserve the title of Photographer.


Okay okay I know I said I wasn’t planning on posting anything, but I forgot I had scanned a roll that I shot through the Holga (in case you haven’t seen it here you go. Pretty, isn’t she?)

I really haven’t been showing my Holga any love recently so I think I’ll toss it in my bag and go through a couple rolls. I always end up with underexposed images (I have to boost exposure by about 1.5-2 stops) but whatever.. I might just toss a flash on top since that normally works out well for fill light.

I decided to not clean any of the dust off the negs to give it a more lo-fi look (nah I’m just fucking lazy).


Some shots from like 2 years ago that never made it to the blog (aka the photos I post when I have no other photos to post). I’m shooting through a shit ton of rolls I just picked up so I probably won’t update for a little bit. Till next time!





“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”


Today was another long day of class. 11-7 with like one half an hour break in between somewhere. Shit is long but I guess that’s what happens when you make all your classes on 2 days only. During my translation class, I came to realize how far behind I was in Japanese. I have no problem trying to speak normally but when it came to certain exercises we had to do for translating, I got pretty lost. Now I know that I need to step it up a lot more if I expect to excel in the class.



Happy February everyone! Sean recently brought some of my film in for development and I just got around to scanning it now. Will post those for a few days.

This was an odd roll of film to scan because I took some of these photos like more than half a year ago. I shot half of it, rolled it back into the canister, and finished the other half last month sometime. It was kinda cool having flashbacks of what I did last year haha.

I’ve been spending most of my time at school and work so I’ve been pretty busy, but I’m trying to keep like 2 days a week open for shooting.