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Hello everyone! So this week I’ve been pretty preoccupied by school related stuff making it harder for me to come up with blog post titles :). Anyways, I can tell that this semester will be a little more challenging than last semester, but I think it will still be fun. My Japanese classes seem pretty chill so far too… Well the content is harder, but I feel like this is the level I should be at in order to challenge myself to learn more.

I managed to shoot a roll of Arista 400 in my spare time. It’s supposedly re badged Kodak Tri-X 400 so I bought a whole bunch of rolls from Freestyle Photo. I shot it at night so a lot of shots came out a little blurry and kind of underexposed, but I was happy with a few of them. I definitely want to invest in some 3200 film soon. I also went to Green Apple Books with Sean and picked up a book called The Light of Tokyo. It’s a compilation of photos from Tokyo shot on large format black and white film (I think). The more I review the images from the book the more inspired I’m getting. Similar to how I felt when I first checked out Daido Moriyama’s work.

Thanks for checking in guys!

Can’t Think of a One Word Title.

Hey everyone! So I decided to scan some film that’s been laying around that I’ve neglected. Tri-X 400 loaded in the Olympus Infinity Stylus (as usual 🙂 ). Not much has been going on otherwise… I have work all weekend and stuff and considering the weather is on and off rain I probably won’t be able to get much shooting done. Bummer.

I’m in the process of selling off and getting new cameras. I’m probably going to sell my 1D mk ii and Rebel XT to KEH and buy a Pentax ME with 40mm pancake lens. I’ve been wanting to buy a 35mm Pentax SLR pretty bad and now I have an opportunity to get one for a pretty good price. I’m getting it from Glass Key Photo in the Lower Haight area of SF. They are a small shop that stocks everything related to film photography. They’re worth checking out if you have something you might need.

Classes are starting Monday and I’m actually pretty excited. I didn’t like school too much when I was at Washington, but since everything is so much more chill in college it’s easier for me to prioritize and whatnot. I’m taking 5 classes this semester… 4 of them actually help fulfill my GE/Major so I got lucky (considering when I had my Reg, most of the classes I was considering were taken). I’m really glad I took AP English in my Junior and Senior year of high school. It saved me so much time.

Well… Until next time guys!


Hello everyone! Today has been kinda meh. I woke up with the worst neck ache which developed into a headache. I then had to fix my window in the pouring rain. If you guys didn’t know, my back window is broken so I’ve been covering it up with Gorilla Tape and cardboard since I haven’t had time to get it fixed hahaha. It looks ghetto as hell, but it works so I don’t give a shit.

Since it’s rainy today I decided to go get a roll of Fuji Pro 400H developed and scanned at Walgreens. A lot of my shots still had parts of my finger in it and wasn’t framed properly. Shooting with 22mm on film still takes some getting used to. It was almost $10 for that plus another $15 for the Advil, Tape, and Drinks I had to buy. Now I remember why I just develop and scan film at home haha.

Oh well, that’s enough of me bitching. Till next time everyone!


Yo everyone~ So today I met up with Gloria, Tiffa, and Janelle to go get some food and chill. Gay best friend, much? 😀

Anyways we ended up getting sushi, tea time, browsed around JTown, and then going karaoke. Pretty fun day especially since I haven’t been karaoke since I was in Japan. My singing voice is still horrible ahaha.

Here are some shots taken with my Canon Elan II w/ 50 1.4 from the other day. Loaded with Ilford Delta 100. It’s my first time using this film and I’m mildy pleased with it.. I think I probably overexposed some of my shots since I shot it on a DSLR vs my Olympus Stylus where everything is automatically done. Overall I am happy with the results though. I have a craving for an Olympus OM-4 or a Nikon F3 anyone wanna buy it for me??


Yo everyone! So yesterday/early today me, Aidan, and Jonathan went to go shoot the Golden Gate Bridge. We went to 3 spots to get shots and they turned out alright. It wasn’t too windy, but my tripod is pretty flimsy so I noticed that a lot of my shots had some sort of motion blur in them.. I managed to get a few that were useable, however. I didn’t do any major editing.. besides desaturation and fixing exposure, the shots are SOOC.

I also took some shots downtown/Chinatown earlier in the day with them too.. I still have to scan that roll of film so that will be up later. Thanks for looking guys!

Bro Time Part 2.

Hello everyone! Well today is Friday the 13th my favorite day of the year!! *sarcasm*.  I hate Friday the 13th. Everything that can go wrong for me, end up going wrong. I would fail tests, be late, get sick, get dumped, lose things, etc on this day. Unsurprisingly, I had a major stomachache when I got home (I was at a friend’s the night before) not to mention a neck ache from sleeping in an awkward position. To top it off, I forgot to grab some Fuji Pro 400H I wanted to have developed at Walgreens so now I have to wait until next week. I also had work. Work sucks. The only positive thing that I got to do today was scan the Tri-X 400 that I had shot when I was with Sean (hence the title).

Overall, I’m very very happy with my shots. They go great with my current project and I can’t wait to finish it up. I still have another roll of Ilford HP5 Plus I need to scan.. That can wait till next time.

Bro Time Part 1.

Yo everyone! So yesterday was pretty exciting. I met up with Sean again to go shoot around JTown, Downtown, ChinaTown, and every other town in SF basically haha. He got me at around 11am and we stopped off at JTown for some pics and to get some brunch. I got some Tempura with Soba at this place in the mall area.. It was pretty good. Next we went downtown to go walk around and take some shots. That led us to ChinaTown and then towards the Embarcadero and then back over to where we parked. Then we drove down to the Mission district to grab a burrito and pick up some film from my place. After, we drove back to his apartment to develop film. I went through 3 rolls of film (2 b/w and 1 color). I haven’t scanned them yet so they’ll be up later.

After around 9pm or so Rolo and Mindy came over from their work and went to go shoot a few night shots with us. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge and Legion of Honor. We were feeling kind of hungry afterwards so we went to Drunken Sushi for some food. I got Oyako Don and it came out better than I thought it would. It was a pretty long day, but a good one. Definitely walked away with a lot of pictures I was happy with.

Here are Rolo and Sean’s sites. Check them out.



In a similar fashion to before, I’m going to upload shots documenting my day now and then other shots I took with film in separate posts. I used a Canon 1D mk ii, Olympus E-P1, and Ricoh GX200 for the digital shots. Have a good one people!

Tea Time.

Hello everyone! So instead of showing pictures of random things I’ve taken, I decided to take pictures of random things I’ve eaten today! Well today I went to go get food with my friend Gloria (her blog) before we both went to work. We went to 100% Sweet Cafe (first time going) and to some place in Japan Town (forgot the name hehe). I ate A LOT today. I had some kind of Pumpkin Soup, Grilled Chicken in Orange Sauce w/ Peppers and Rice, Mango Pudding, Japanese Cheesecake Souffle, and had a coffee and tea to drink. Sooo yeah it was fun yo.

In other news, I’m starting a b&w film project that should take me sometime to complete. I’ve been really inspired by some Japanese street photographers lately and want to try putting something together. But yeahhh for now that is all bye bye.


Yo everyone! Life has been kind of meh lately but.. I’ve been doing a lot of reading (well more than before). To be specific I’m reading Haruki Murakami novels. They are the best. At times I don’t like the way the story ends or just how things play out in general, but I can never put down a book of his once I start it… It’s that good in my opinion. The recurring themes, underlying motifs, character development, etc is great. So far I’ve read Norwegian Wood and The Wind Up Bird Chronicle and I just started to read Dance Dance Dance. I’m starting to look into other authors as well so hopefully I’ll get back into books like I was before. Having “required reading” in school was a real bummer. I only liked 1 or 2 books that I’ve read in school the rest was a waste of time. I think that’s what made me stray away from independent reading in the first place.

But enough of me.. How are you 🙂 ?

Anyways somewhere between relaxing and dealing with bullshit I managed to shoot a test roll on the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim that I picked up. A lot of my shots were unusable due to the fact that I underexposed them by a lot. I thought that shooting 400 film indoors would be good enough, but I’ll probably have to use Delta 3200 with it. Other than that I’m happy with the little plastic thing and can’t wait to use it more!

Have a good one, everyone!