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I somehow double exposed nearly this entire roll. I have no clue how, but I guess it’s kind of cool.


“I want you to remember me. If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.”


Me and the dude Sean went to a photo fair the other day where I bought a red, Leica shutter button for my M5. While it probably won’t make me a better photographer, it sure looks pretty fucking good.

check it out

I went to Green Apple today after blowing through a couple rolls and saw “I, Tokyo” by Jacob Aue Sobol in the used section. I almost wet myself. It’s long out of print and fetches upwards of $200 used. I quickly tried to buy it, but Green Apple isn’t as dumb as I thought. It turns out that they had put it there accidentally and it actually belongs in the valuable book cabinet with a $150 price tag. Fuck me.


Wow already halfway though June. My summer classes start in a month. Can’t wait for that unlimited use of SF State’s darkroom!


I’m thinking about buying a SF24D. I’ve been using a Vivitar flash mounted on my M5, but found that it’s a little hard to move quickly with it due to its large size. Since my M5 is the two lug version, it hangs vertically from my neck which also adds a lot of strain on the little plastic piece that keeps the flash on the hot shoe. I think having a smaller flash with a relatively large GN like the SF24D would benefit me more, but I can only find it in the ~$200 to ~$250 price range which is kinda pricey. Since I already need to CLA my M5 I don’t know if it’s a wise purchase or not.


Wow according to WordPress, it has officially been 2 years since I started this blog. Thanks to everyone that stops by once in awhile!

In other news, the majority of my cameras are in need of repair. My OM-1 and M5 shutters are capping, my FED4 and Kiev 4M shutter curtains are broken, my Canon Autoboy is locked up and won’t turn on, I dropped my SRT102 so it’s acting up a bit, my Yashica T4 is falling apart and has a broken flash, one of my Trip 35s needs to have the lens fixed.. The only cameras I feel comfortable taking out are my Elan IIe and XA2 and Instax Wide.


逢いたいのに -いつも- うまくいかない