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Hello everyone! So today I bought a new lens. The Tokina 50-135 f/2.8. Thanks to my man Phuey for hooking it up with the bro price. It’s incredibly sharp even wide open. I’m pretty excited to start doing portraits with this.

I have a Kanji quiz tomorrow. Like I said before I’m horrible at Kanji so I’ve been trying to put more effort into studying, but I have no clue how it’s going to go.

Here’s just a sample shot I took with the lens. I’ll start getting into more photography stuff after school/work is over for the week.



Hello everybody! Today, my mom had mentioned that she wanted to go to H&M since she hasn’t been there in awhile. I wanted to buy a couple things too so I decided to go with her. I picked up 3 things: 2 button downs and 1 jacket. I spent a little more than I wanted to, but shopping is just as big of a hobby of mine as photography.

Test tomorrow, but forgot to study. FML.


Hey everyone! Just a quick update.. So today all I did was go to my Japanese 302 class and work. I think I’m going to have to drop a class because it’s upper division and doesn’t fulfill my GE requirement. FML. That’s okay though since I could use more time to devote to studying Kanji and whatnot. I’m going to  finally see Harry Potter. I remember reading the book when I was like in 2nd or 3rd grade. I was pretty sad to see the last book come out, but now it’s finally over.

Olympus Stylus w/ Superia as usual. I’m going to change things up and shoot with my 30D more next week.


Hey everyone! Today was just me doing school stuff. I have classes from 8:10am-5:25pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I’m always pretty tired once I get out. I had to go to Dragon Printing (I think that’s the name) to pick up my Kanji print outs. The more I look at the prints, the more worried I get about the class. I’ve always had a small problem with remembering and practicing Kanji. I can only try my best, but it’s pretty stressful just thinking about that and some other stuff I have going on.

Just one link today:


This is my favorite wedding photographer hands down. Such amazing work. I think he shoots a Contax 645 although I’m not 100% positive. Somebody on Film Wasters pointed out the exact model but I forget what it was. When you’re sponsored by Fuji you know you’re doing big things.

Here’s some more film stuff. I haven’t touched my 30D in a little bit. Somebody recently asked me why I shoot film (compacts and rangefinders) when I get better results from doing digital (using my 30D). Well, the answer is hard to explain. The best way I can put it is that the imperfections are what make it special and unless you pop a roll of Velvia or Superia or Astia or whatever in your camera and shoot it yourself then the answer may be hard to grasp. It’s one of those things where the reward is the actual shooting and then getting surprised at some of the results you get.

With that being said here’s some more shots from the Olympus Stylus 🙂


Hey everyone! So today was pretty chill. I went to my Japanese 302 class at around 2PM and that was that. Having only 1 class on MWF is going to be so chill haha. After that, I went to Japantown to grab a couple things for school and to take a couple pictures. Pretty boring day actually lol. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. Not too sure why, but it’s starting to wear me down.

In other news:

Shinya Arimoto (I think I posted his blog before) is doing another exhibition. I love his work and wish I lived in Japan so I could go see it (most of my favorite photographers are based in Asia if you couldn’t tell).

This next link is just a blog site that posts old scans from magazines. A lot of them are photography related so check it out. I was pretty amazed at some of the articles/pictures they put up.

Thanks for coming guys. 2,000 views woot.

These next few photos are from a walk I took downtown before. Same set up as last post. Olympus Infinity Stylus w/ Superia 400.



Hey everyone! So today was the first day of classes at SFSU. It was a pretty chill day. I got to class around 8 and then afterwards had breakfast with Aidan, Lilia, and some other people. Then I met up with Jen and Dexter to crash their Japanese class. I have so many breaks in between classes it’s ridiculous. Around 5 hours worth of breaks altogether. My professors seem really nice for the most part too (I’ve had 3 of them before) so that’s a plus.

I finally got a roll of film developed that I put through my Olympus Infinity Stylus. I love that camera. It’s small and discreet yet it takes great pictures (for a point and shoot film camera that is). Hopefully I’ll find the time to do more shooting throughout the semester.

I’m going to break down the shots from date. So first here’s a few shots I took when I went shooting with Rolo and Brandon.


Hey everyone! So the past couple days I shot a few frames of film, but nothing really substantial. I’m planning a couple projects and it’s going to require some prep time and for me to get my post processing game together. I am HORRIBLE at using Photoshop. I have CS5, but let me say that 99% of my photos are done with simple adjustments (exposure, contrast, vignette, etc) in LightRoom 3.

In other news: I sold my Bronica ETR setup since I desperately need cash right now and classes start up again tomorrow. I’m personally VERY excited. F*ck Summer. I didn’t go anywhere anyways ahaha.

Here’s a couple links:

This first one is an interview with Bruce Haley. This is one of the most inspirational interviews I’ve read. It made me feel like “wow what the hell am I doing just sitting here”. He’s one hell of  photographer. Both his photos and story are amazing.

This second link is just a slideshow composed of shots using the discontinued Kodachrome film. I personally love Kodachrome. Unfortunately, they discontinued it shortly before I started really getting into photography. There are some great shots here. Worth a once through.

Thanks for coming again!